Beyond Raavi

It wouldn’t be strange if Darshan Singh went insane after those episodes. His father passed away in the house where he had dwelt all his life, his mother went astray in the remains of a Gurdwara, and Shahni, his wife, gave birth to twins. Two lives that manifested through the two boys. And amidst all [...]


La Jetée

At only 28-minutes long, La Jetée is a brilliant short film, with Chris Marker proving a film with just photos, and voice-over narration can be as powerful as most films. An unnamed man with vivid childhood memories is selected as a guinea pig for a time travel experiment. He is sent to the past where he [...]

By The Window Where The Sun Goes Through

Plato had suggested a metaphor for the mind. It is, no matter how much one denies, full of notions and thoughts, fluttering like birds inside our head. But the birds, he had said, need to settle in order to recognize those ideas. And for Som, the moments of calm, when he could let the birds [...]

The Refrain And Beyond – The Development of Ghazals in English in Twentieth-Century America

Elizabeth T. Gray, in the introduction to ‘The Green Sea of Heaven: Fifty Ghazals from the Diwan of Hafiz,’ wrote, “ghazals are often puzzling to the 'Westerner' who approaches them for the first time. The poems do not seem to go anywhere, there is no ultimate solution or answer. The couplets seem unrelated to one [...]

The Empire Writes Back – Rewriting as means of Resistance and Confrontation against The Empire

In the preface to the Penguin English-Hindi/Hindi-English Thesaurus and Dictionary, Arvind Kumar and Kusum Kumar write that “Language historians, population geneticists and archaeologists believe that a band of early humans, perhaps no more than 2,000 strong, acquired the amazing faculty for complex languages and invented linguistic communication. Blessed with the many advantages of meaningful speech, [...]

Phantasmagorias At The Ghat

​The coarse stone-steps chafing my palms, I heard the the river's incessant dirge, as it lost itself, slowly, to the sea. It's vanity tasting salt the first time. And I lamented for Ganges, for it lost with itself, unmistakable infinities of sanctity, every second every minute

Midway, somewhere

(for Naoko) You remember? how every-time you bid me farewell. As if you were leaving forever. Love unfurls because it has to unfurl. Wearing the disguise of a postcard, (you know how it is, everything’s there! On the surface) yet it has to bloom like a letter, A very simple phenomenon. I remember, the postcards [...]